About Us

Asteria Solutions Group

Founded in 2004, Asteria Solutions Group began as a technical services and support provider for Asterisk®-based PBXs.   Leveraging extensive Asterisk® and traditional telephony experience, Asteria has expanded its offerings to include commercial software products for call centers, broadcast messaging, custom notification systems and PBXs. 

Asteria Solutions Group provides products and services for planning, installing, configuring, customizing and supporting telecom applications built on Asterisk®. Our expertise in an assortment of software disciplines and experience with telephony enable us to offer our customers lower cost solutions based on open source platforms. We are headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama (also home to Digium, the company behind the creation of the Asterisk® PBX software).

Whether your requirements are for pre-configured Asterisk® PBXs, call center solutions, custom development utilizing Asterisk® features, outsourcing of maintenance services, please consider ASG as your Asterisk® solution provider.