Configurator is a web-based tool for setting up and maintaining an AsteriskĀ® PBX. This simple, comprehensive interface eases initial set up and ongoing maintenance associated with an enterpriseā€™s telephone system.



CONFIGURATOR is also used in configuring ACD call queues to support call center activity and set up the INsight Call Center Suite.

    Features include:
  • Creation of users, devices, extensions, call groups, conference bridges on the PBX
  • Creation of call queues and features such as ring strategy, recording strategy, music on hold
  • Definition of screen pops to assist agents in fielding calls
  • Assignment of agents and supervisors to queues
  • Weighting among queues and weighting of agents within queues
  • Sound file upload and management for music on hold and call prompts
  • Graphical IVR builder for pre and post-queue call interaction, including support for speech recognition, text to speech, and multilingual IVRs

Product Preview:

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