Insight Call Center Suite

Insight Call Center Suite is an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) application to support call center operations.  Insight supports local and remote agents, agent registration to one or many call queues, various call routing strategies, skills based call routing, queue prioritization, and call escalation strategies.  Interactive voice response (IVR) may be configured to collect additional information to assist agents in efficiently fielding calls. 

Configurator Icon Configurator

Configurator is a web-based tool for setting up and maintaining an Asterisk® PBX. This simple, comprehensive interface eases initial set up and ongoing maintenance associated with an enterprise’s telephone system.


  • Creation of users, devices, extensions, call groups, conference bridges on the PBX
  • Creation of call queues and features such as ring strategy, recording strategy, music on hold
  • Definition of screen pops to assist agents in fielding calls
  • Assignment of agents and supervisors to queues
  • Weighting among queues and weighting of agents within queues
  • Sound file upload and management for music on hold and call prompts
  • Graphical IVR builder for pre and post-queue call interaction, including support for speech recognition, text to speech, and multilingual IVRs 

Insight Queue Viewer Icon Insight Queue Viewer

Insight Queue Viewer gives queue supervisors a live interactive view of all supervised queues... 


  • Display of agent status per queue (available, on call, paused)
  • Display real time call status for active and waiting calls
  • Monitor active and waiting calls with Listen, Whisper, Barge, 3-way, Triage, Redirect, and Grab functionality
  • Pause and un-pause agents
  • On-demand call recording
  • Flexible data presentation 

Assist Access Agent Icon Assist Agent Client

Assist Agent Client gives queue memebers a interface to both present information about calls and enable easy actions for handling phone calls...


  • Display of queue name, caller ID, caller name from carrier, and pre-queue IVR information
  • Screen pop of web-based information on ring
  • On-demand call recording
  • User defined Agent pause reasons
  • User definable post call dispositions
  • Call handling for transfers and termination 

Reporter Icon Reporter

Reporter generates reports about nearly any aspect of queues, agents, or queue supervisors. With multiple views and sorting options reports can be generated for any date range that call records are available for... 


  • Presentation of data in summary form that is easily expanded to individual call detail
  • Integration with 3rd party CRM systems.
  • Reports available in data and chart formats
  • Reports may be exported to CSV or Excel formats
  • Reports may be automatically generated and sent via email at user defined intervals 

Invision Call Board Manager Icon Invision

Invision CallBoard Manager is a real time wall board application for call center rooms.  As a complementary product to the Insight Suite, Invision is designed to provide a quick overview of current call center activity to apprise agents of necessary call center statistics.  Invision is typically displayed on one or more large wall-mounted monitors or screens...


  • 7 different customizable reports
  • Integration with Insight Call Center Suite